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adVANCEment Learning believes that every child deserves to have a strong educational foundation. This foundation starts with basic reading FUNdamentals, parent involvement, and an excitement for learning. We realize the more words a child knows by sight the better reader and writer they will become. adVANCEment Learning understands that it is unrealistic for a child to sound out every word when reading, so the more words they can identify when seen the more fluent they will be as a reader. AdVANCEment Learning prides itself on teaching at a higher standard. We believe in proficiency and excellence.
Founded in 2012, adVANCEment Learning is a leading provider of PreK- Kindergarten early literacy and math Learn as you Play curriculum, educational resources, trainings, and services to preschools, daycares, and homeschool families worldwide.  adVANCEment Learning follows its mission every day by creating and providing quality educational materials to thousands of students through curriculum, educational books and hands on activities, support services, and accredited early learning academies.
adVANCEment Learning early literacy and math curriculums are aligned to state learning standards, early learning and development standards, and common core state standards.


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