Mommy & Me Classes

Mom & Me Program

Our Mom & Me program is a great introduction to school. Moms and caregivers have the unique opportunity to watch their child begin to grow through school-related experiences.

Our Mom & Me Program is designed to help children develop a positive attitude toward the school environment and to encourage children’s independence from Mommy by participating in teacher-directed activities.


As your child begins their scholastic adventure, we realize that socialization is one of the most important skills learned in early childhood. In the Mom & Me program, the teachers guide the children in activities that promote self-awareness and positive self-image. They also focus on developing awareness of feelings of others and the importance of sharing. The children have the benefit of experiencing their first teacher-directed activities with the comfort of mom in the room. The exposure to routines and listening and following directions helps the transition to future classrooms.

Intellectual Development
This is your child’s first opportunity to explore their environment in a school setting. The children are encouraged to experiment and discover using their senses to observe the weather, look for hidden objects, and listen to directions. The children practice name and letter recognition each class with super-star activities. In addition, our teachers promote development of self-help skills through age appropriate activities, such as crafts, puzzles, and sorting games that result in a sense of achievement.

Physical Development
Development of gross motor skills is extremely important in early childhood. Mastery of gross motor skills, including running, jumping, and hopping, is essential for further development of fine motor skills, such as cutting and writing. Our teachers help facilitate the development and coordination of gross motor skills through daily circle activities. During class, children are encouraged to discover joy in movement while being aware of limits and safety factors, and to demonstrate expressive growth through movement.



9:30-9:45 AM : Early literacy. Listen and act out stories.  Literacy activities 

9:45-9:50 AM Clean-up: Experience cooperation and become aware that everything has its place

9:50- 10:20 AM Circle Time:
Welcome, music and movement songs and activities, stories, finger plays and simple learning experiences, for example: seasons, holidays, shapes and colors, name, letter and number recognition

10:20-10:40 AM Fine Motor:
Simple thematic craft activities for the children to experience and feel good about their creations

10:40-10:45 AM
Wash hands

10:45-11:00 AM Snack:
Socialization of sharing time, for example: each child will take a turn to bring and share a snack with the other children

11:00 AM


Fall semester  $500

Spring semester $750